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Fear – Pursue – Serve – Conform

These four words represent the driving force behind all education.  They determine everything that a school does in educating students.  They also drive parents’ decisions when making educational choices for their children.  Yet, most of the time we are not aware of how these four words play an important role in education.  Furthermore, we do […]

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We Are Under Attack And Don’t Know It

It was early last Saturday morning when my cell phone started vibrating.  By the frequency of the vibrations I knew that I had been included in a group text with my children and other family members. As I read the string of texts, my daughter had started the buzz by posting that The Drudge Report had […]

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Who is Conforming Who?

In his book, Beyond Belief to Conviction, Josh McDowell points out a subtle but dangerous trend in Christianity today. He uses the illustration of a Sunday school teacher reading a passage of Scripture and then asking the class members what the passage means. McDowell states that the most common answer one might hear is, “This […]

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