What Is Worse Than The “Agony of Defeat”?

I enjoy watching a variety of sports both live and on TV. Today, most Americans have access to 24/7 sports programing through cable channels such as ESPN. However, I remember a time that if you wanted to watch sports on television, you were limited to tuning into one specific program. This program aired on Saturday […]

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A Dangerous Slide

It can be exhausting to be involved in ministry today.  When one is trying to preserve and proclaim truth in an anti-Christian world, one can find himself becoming weary in battle.  I cringe when I hear someone question how difficult could it be to preach a sermon or teach a class that you have taught for years. […]

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How Can We Afford It?

It seems like every time I am presenting the importance of giving our children a biblical education, the same question is always asked.  It doesn’t matter if I am doing a teacher in-service, speaking to a group of parents or preaching at a church, the question is always the same.  In fact, it is usually […]

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What Do You Own and Why Do You Have It?

Two of my grandchildren stayed overnight with us this past weekend.  After church yesterday we took them out for lunch.  While we were waiting for our food, I thought that I would see what they took away from the morning’s message.  They had paid attention to the pastor’s message and were able to share with […]

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Keys To Survival

Last week I presented what I believe to be the real threat to the sustainability of Christian education.  Christian school educators must stay true to a biblical philosophy of education in order to experience God’s hand of favor on their efforts.  I believe that there are several keys that will determine whether or not Christian […]

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Will We Survive and Thrive?

Last week we looked at several challenges that that threaten the sustainability of Christian schools.  These are very real obstacles that all Christian schools are already facing or will face in the near future.  Several readers left some excellent comments.  To see these comments you can simply click here. I shared with you three categories of threats that […]

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Will Christian Schools Remain Productive?

Recently I had the privilege of participating in the Global Christian School Leadership Summit.  The Summit was the coming together of almost 700 leaders representing several Christian education associations from around the world.   The purpose of the Summit was to develop a unified vision for the future of the Christian school movement. A variety of topics […]

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This Book is a Must for all Education

Last week we saw that the Bible is the most important textbook that must be the foundation of all education.  This week I want to share with you what I believe to be the second most important textbook in education.  These two textbooks together bring God-intended meaning into education and both need to be read […]

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The Lord’s Day?

I find myself with a growing burden over what takes place in Christians’ lives on Sunday these days. I grew up when Sunday was truly the Lord’s Day. In some ways you didn’t have a choice; there was nothing else to do. Stores were closed all day with the very few exceptions of a couple […]

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