Would Our Youth Ever Do This?

Two weeks ago I shared with you the prediction that was made by one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Rush.  He was concerned that crime would soar if God’s Word was no longer taught in the schoolhouse; a prediction that has turned out to be true.  When God and His Word are absent from the education a […]

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These Words Changed My Life Forever

The past few weeks I have been sharing with you various quotes that have shaped my philosophy of education.  There are two quotes made by two individuals that I had to include in this series of posts.  In fact, these two statements not only changed my life as a nine year old boy but they also […]

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Sad To Say He Turned Out To Be a Prophet

Most people would not recognize this man.  Yet he was one of our country’s founding fathers.  It has been said that he was one of the most prolific writers of his time.  He served as a medical doctor but also wrote frequently on the role of education in founding and developing the new republic. He […]

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This Man Got It Right!

Last week we looked at a statement by Horace Mann that has caused millions of people to be taken captive by a false set of beliefs related to the purpose and function of education.  This week I want to reflect on another quote that I came across during some graduate work I was undertaking many […]

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The Lie That Has Taken Millions Captive

I have referred to Colossians 2:8 in several posts in recent weeks.  It is Paul’s warning to Christians about the danger of being taken captive by false philosophies or ideas.  There is one person who made a statement over 100 years ago that has ended up taking millions of children captive to a dangerous false […]

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A Big Need In Christian Education Today

As I was thinking about this summer’s Kingdom School Institute, I was reminded of a meeting for Christian school administrators I had attended several months ago.  After the morning program, we were asked to sit at tables with people from other schools and brainstorm what ever topic(s) came to mind while lunch was being served. There were […]

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Same Lie, Different Tree!

Satan has been up to his old ways ever since that dreadful day we find recorded in Genesis 3.  If you recall, Satan made a false claim that Eve “bit” into.  The lie he presented to her was that if she ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, she would become perfect. […]

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Academic Excellence: A Blessing or A Curse

I am finding a common emphasis being made in Christian schools today that, I believe, is very dangerous. On the surface, it may seem logical and maybe even commendable. However, if we study it carefully, we will find that this emphasis can be very deceptive and destructive. You may be asking, “What is this dangerous […]

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Does Performance Matter?

Whenever I say that excellence is all about character, I get hit with some off-the-wall questions. Are you one of those who believes that we shouldn’t strive for academic excellence?  Do you believe that a school is excellent as long as it is stressing character development even if its academic program is mediocre? We have […]

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