Academic Excellence: A Blessing or A Curse

I am finding a common emphasis being made in Christian schools today that, I believe, is very dangerous. On the surface, it may seem logical and maybe even commendable. However, if we study it carefully, we will find that this emphasis can be very deceptive and destructive. You may be asking, “What is this dangerous […]

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Does Performance Matter?

Whenever I say that excellence is all about character, I get hit with some off-the-wall questions. Are you one of those who believes that we shouldn’t strive for academic excellence?  Do you believe that a school is excellent as long as it is stressing character development even if its academic program is mediocre? We have […]

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A Biblical Model for Excellence

We have looked at several schools of human thought concerning excellence. We saw that these schools of thought were all founded on a horizontal focus and were driven by comparison and competition with others. Biblical excellence does not deny some concepts found in these schools of thought but it is founded on a vertical focus and […]

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Biblical Excellence: Setting the Right Standard

As Christians we dare not pursue excellence from a secular perspective since it is only determined by a horizontal view. Yet, most people view excellence in line with Greek thought that believes it is the perfecting of one’s self based on human ability and achievement. When we pursue excellence from a secular starting point, we end up […]

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Excellence: A Secular Perspective

In my first post on excellence, I stated that excellence is a claim of every organization, product, service or individual. It is an over-used word that few people take time to define so that it has lost any true sense of meaning. If we look at excellence from a purely secular perspective, we will have […]

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Excellence: A Misunderstood Word

It seems like everyone is talking about excellence these days.  In education we talk about academic excellence, the need to excel athletically and/or to perform in the arts with excellence.  You can go on any school’s website or look at their promotional materials and you will find some claim to excellence. Excellence is not something […]

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The Pain of Parenting

Last week I shared with you the truth of 3 John 4 that reads there is no greater joy than to hear your children walk in truth.  Since this is a truth from Scripture, I believe the opposite is also true.  It can be said that there is no greater pain than to hear that […]

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The Joys of Parenting

God blessed my wife and I with three wonderful children many years ago.  There is no question about it.  Children are a precious gift from the Lord (Psalm 127:3).  God gives us these precious gifts to bring joy into our lives.  All parents, when taking the time, can recall all the little and big joys that […]

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Where Is Jesus?

Christmas is just around the corner.  Excitement and anticipation fill the hearts and minds of children and adults alike.  But it is also a very hectic time of the year.  The busier we get, the more stressed we become.  I want to challenge you to think about the question, Where is Jesus?, as you get ready […]

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Forsaking Living Waters

Last week we looked at a dangerous trend taking place in Christianity today.  A majority of Christians are sending their children into secular education where they will drink from the world’s waters trying to find knowledge and wisdom.  By doing this they are forsaking God, the fountain of living waters (See Jeremiah 2:13&18). What are […]

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