How To Be Thankful

Have you ever found yourself wondering if all that you are doing is accomplishing anything and if it is worth the effort?  I know I have found myself in that state of mind on more than one occasion.  In retrospect, I know that this usually happened when I was extremely busy and found myself on […]

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Education Must Accomplish This Goal

We have been looking at one of four key essentials of education.  This essential is the importance of discovering God’s call.  I explained in recent blogs how there are two calls that God sends out to all people.  The first call is a call to a “person” while the second is a call to a “purpose”. […]

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Answering God’s Call

Everyone wants to find significance for his/her life.  Why am I here?  This the question that begs an answer within the soul of every human being.  Not finding the right answer to this one question leads to despair, discouragement and a sense of hopelessness. James McMenis, Pastor of Word of God Ministries, recently said that […]

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Essentials of Education — Part 2

I am convinced that Christian parents, pastors, church leaders and educators need to understand the basic essentials that must be the foundation of all of their efforts to educate their children and youth.  This article continues to identify and unpack four essentials that I introduced in last week’s post.  These essentials must be a part of every […]

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Essentials of Education

Over the years I have had a driving passion to try and understand the purpose for education from a biblical perspective.  It has been an amazing journey and I am still challenged by this desire to comprehend God’s intention behind all education, especially as it pertains to our children and youth. Recently I have been asking […]

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A Tribute To A Teammate

I was in St. Louis getting ready to speak at a conference when I received the news.  A college teammate of mine went home to be with the Lord.  The reason why this was bittersweet news was that our entire team had just been together for a special event at our alma mater a few […]

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Want To Know Yourself?

I have heard it said that the only certain things in life are death and taxes.  There is something else that every person strives for.  It doesn’t matter one’s age, economic status, location or anything else.  Everyone wants to feel important.  We all want to have significance.  I can remember classmates of mine in high […]

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The Importance of Knowing God

In part 1 of this series, I asked the question, What do our children need to know?  If you haven’t read that blog, I encourage you to go back and read it before reading this week’s post.  I ended that post by sharing another biblical principle for how we educate future generations.  The principle reads, The […]

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A Big Lesson Learned 50 Years Ago

This past Friday a group of 15 men gathered on the campus of Roberts Wesleyan College.  As the members of this group arrived, hugs were exchanged and conversations took place about how good it was to see each other again.  Other people that were in attendance figured that these men were just some other alumni […]

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What Do Our Children Need To Know?

I think you would agree that the acquisition of knowledge is a key element of all educational efforts, especially when it comes to schooling.  If this were not the case, then we would not be putting so much emphasis on things like standardized test scores, college entrance exams, etc.  However, the question that begs to […]

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