Picture of Glen Schultz Teaching

Kingdom Education Ministries desires to strengthen Christian schools and churches by providing a variety of services centered on a biblical philosophy of education. KEM is dedicated to helping Christian parents, educators and church leaders address the issue of education biblically and challenge all Christians to provide their children with a biblical worldview education.

Kingdom Education for the 21st Century Training

— DVD Training Package
Schools may purchase the DVD series for use with staff and parent training. (See store for details)

— Live Training
Schools may enlist KEM to provide living training for staff and parents based on the DVD series. This training can be done in one day (6 hours) or two days (3 hours each day).

— One-day Administrator Training
KEM conducts one-day administrator training based on the DVD series. These training seminars equip administrators to provide in-service training at their schools using the DVD series. To host one of these training sessions a minimum of 6 schools are needed to attend the training.

Staff In-Service

KEM can conduct a variety of staff in-services for Christian schools. These in-service opportunities can be designed to meet specific needs of the school.

Administrator & Leadership Training

Seminars can be designed and conducted to help Christian school administrators and/or Board members become more effective kingdom leaders. Seminars held in the past included such topics as Developing a Mission-focused Culture, Kingdom Leadership, and Developing a Kingdom-focused Mission and Vision.

Additional Services

Dr. Schultz is available to speak at churches, Christian schools or parent organizations on parenting and educating the next generation of young people from a biblical worldview perspective. He has preached in many churches and spoken at banquets, parenting conferences and similar events.

To find out more information on having Dr. Schultz come to your area, please contact Kingdom Education Ministries through this website.

Please check the Links on our website for other organizations that can assist you in providing your children with a biblical worldview education.